Boardwalk Update 19 Feb 18

aerial shot of the board walk and a bench
The Boardwalk will again have a booth at the Eastern Maine Sportsmen’s Show, May 16-18 at the University of Maine Field
House.  We will need volunteers to staff our booth on Saturday March 17 from 9am-noonnoon-4pm, and 4-8pm and on Sunday March 18 from 9am-noon and noon-4pm.  Please e-mail me if you can help.  We should have 2 volunteers per time slot.  We typically make between $200-$400 at the show.


There will not be a Hope Festival this year.  However there will be an Earth Day celebration in Pickering Square, downtown Bangor, on Saturday April 21st from noon-2pm.  We have been invited to attend and set up an information table.  It would be great if we could have one or two volunteers to staff the information table.  Let me know soon because I have to let the organizers know if we will be attending.


The Boardwalk will open for its 16th season on Tuesday May 1st at 7am.  Ben Sprague, Bangor City Council chair and Mayor will be our honorary opener this year.  Please mark your calendars.  It would be nice to have a large crowd on hand.


Before the Boardwalk opens on May 1st there will be work to do to get ready.  Weather depending we will probably start in the 3rd week of April.  Phil will send out a call for volunteers in April.


        pie-shaped wedges from Great Northern Docks to install
        install short section of Boardwalk
        two interpretive stations to install
        putting out Boardwalk signs
        putting out the money box and brochure holder
        removing interpretive station and kiosk covers
        cleaning up cabin area
        replacing broken and/or rotting deck boards and railings


Our first natural history walk has been scheduled:  Spring Bird Migration, Saturday May 12, 7am. The walk leader is UM Associate Professor Brian Olsen, UM School of Biology and Ecology.  We will meet at the Tripp Drive Parking lot at 7am and walk to the Boardwalk, brding along the way.  If you would like to sign up please just e-mail me.


The Boardwalk yard sale will be in the first part of June this year.  More later.


The Boardwalk reconstruction campaign is moving forward.  We now have the funds to purchase the next 48 new sections which will be installed in October.  At present we have 2 grant proposals out for review ($75,000 total) and one concept letter out for approval ($15,000).  In the coming weeks we will be submitting another concept letter for approval ($25,000).  Note that if the concept letters are approved then we have to submit a full proposal.  We would like to raise the remaining (approximately) $120,000 by late summer so we can purchase the remaining 65 sections for October/November installation.  We are getting close to finishing Boardwalk reconstruction after much hard work!!


We are always in need of volunteers as Boardwalk openers/closers, docents, and maintenance workers.  Al and Nancy Larson are our docent schedulers again this year (Thanks Al and Nancy!).  If you know someone who would like to be an opener/closer and/or staff the cabin area please contact Al at  If you know someone who would like to help with maintenance please contact Phil Locke (Thanks Phil!) at  If you know someone who would like to be a tour guide please contact John Maddaus (Thanks John!) at and Helen Kock (Thanks Helen!) at  Note also that John Maddaus wrote a talking points guide for tour leaders.  If you would like a copy contact John.  A copy will be in the guide and docent handbook in the cabin.  We will be setting up both docent and tour guide training sessions.


We now have a safety manual thanks to the work of Jerry Longcore and Erik Blomberg.  A copy of the manual will be in the docent handbook in the cabin.  All volunteers are required to read through the manual before volunteer work starts this year.  Copies will be available to handout in April when we start maintenance work.


Dave Easler has agreed to monitor our first aid kit located in the cabin.  Dave will make sure that we have the first aid supplies that we need.  Thanks Dave!


Thanks everyone.  Let me know if I have left someone or something out of the attached annual report.