News Update – 6 April 2016

Our long time tour guide scheduler Kourtney Collum will be leaving the area.  We thank her for all of her volunteer efforts with our tour guides and maintenance and other help over the years and wish her the best of luck.  Kourtney will continue to update our campaign kiosk poster.  Thanks Kourtney!  Long time volunteer Genevieve Smith will also be leaving the area.  We thank her for all of her volunteer efforts with guiding tours, on our maintenence crew and other areas over the years and wish her the best of luck.  Genevieve is currently reviewing our lesson plans.  Thanks Genevieve!


We need a tour guide scheduler very soon.  Please, if you are interested just let me know.  The time committment is about 1 hour/week during the tour season.  She/he works with John Maddaus who schedules our tours.  It is vital that we have a scheduler as the tours will be starting to come in soon.  Basically the scheduler, after learning from John Maddaus upcoming tours dates and times, contacts our tour guides via e-mail to see their availability to do a tour, making sure we have the guides need for a particular tour.  If we don’t get a tour guide scheduler I’m not sure what we will do.


Our auction and dessert potluck is Saturday, May 21st, 6pm at the Keith Anderson Community House in Orono.  Part of the auction will be live and auctioneer John Cheney has agreed to be our volunteer auctioneer.  I have a attached a list of items we have in hand, that are promised, or items that have been requested by e-mail or letter.  Juan Condori (cello) and Ellie May Shufro (fiddle) will perform from 6-7pm.  Please take a look at the attached list and get additional items.  Once you have something please just let me know so I can keep the master list.  You can check with me to see if the item has already been requested.  We typically make between $1,500 and $1,800 at our auction.  Let’s try to double this!  This year we will also have a raffle for a nice old quilt that Boardwalk volunteer Sharon Fitzgerald is restoring.


Work will start soon on the Boardwalk.  We have to level about 55 sections and tighten the bolts on 48 sections.  It should be about 3-4 days of work.  Once that is done Steve Merriam our contractor from Great Northern Docks will come up and measure the 12 angles where there are turns.  It should take him 2+ weeks to manufacture these angles.  Once done he will bring them to the Boardwalk and it should take about 1 day or less to install.  Phil Locke has agreed to be our maintennce corrdinator again this year.  If you are interested in working on the maintenance of the Boardwalk contact Phil (  You will receive e-mails from either Phil or me informing you of work days.


We have the help of a 5 member team from University of Maine Professor Amber Roth’s forestry class.  Starting in mid April they will be working on the hemlock part of the Boardwalk, replacing broken and/or rotting deck boards and railings and straightening and leveling sections.  Please, if you are out at the Boardwalk before May 1st leave the deck board replacement and straightening and leveling to these students.  This is part of their course work.


The Boardwalk will open on Sunday, May 1st.  We will open even if the angle pieces are not in place yet.  We will just close that part of the Boardwalk.  Bob Duchesne will be our honorary opener at noon that day.  We will have a soft opening at 7am and Bob will be leading a bird walk then.   We will be sending out a press release about our opening and Bob Duchesne’s bird walk.  If you want to sign up for Bob’s walk please let me know.  There will probably be much interested once it is publicized in a couple weeks.


If you are interested in being a docent this year please let BOTH Al Larson ( and Nancy Larson ( know.  Docents do a variety of things including opening and closing the Boardwalk and staff the cabin area, answer questions, and sell Boardwalk merchandise.   If you would like a refresher on being a docent or haven’t been a docent before and would like to be please contact our docent trainer Paul Markson (


Our nature walks series and other events are taking shape.  We have the following events scheduled:


May 1 – Bob Duchesne – migratory birds

May 14 – Rad Mayfield – bird banding demonstration

May 21 – Brian Olsen – migratory birds

June 18 – Bog KIP – knit in public day – Mary Bird

June 25 – Christa Schwintzer – plant adaptations

August 20 – Allison Kanoti – forest health

October 15 – Jim Hinds – lichens

September – date/time not yet scheduled – David Batuski – star walk


Others in the works.


The  Boardwalk had an information/sale both at the 78th Annual Eastern Maine Sportsmen’s Show in March.  We made $288 at the event.  We had a raffle for one of Al Larson’s wonderful photographs and made approximately $115.  Our winner from Hampden was very happy!  Thanks to Donne Sinderson, Al Larson, Jen and Cason Snow, Lynn DeGrendier, Genevieve Smith, Fred Kirchesis, and John Maddaus for staffing the both and thanks to Jerry for faciliting.