Transfers to UMaine

The University of Maine processes incoming grant transfers from other institutions as if they were new proposals. Essential steps include the following:

  1. Submission of a Notice of Intent in Proposal Approval Routing System *
  2. Creation of an ORA budget, budget justification and abstract specific to the work performed at UMaine.
  3. Completion of PARS routing
  4. Submission of any requested sponsor documents

*In order to access PARS, a new PI must log in using their UMS single sign-on and claim their profile. Completion of the CITI FCOI training is also required.

More information on the UMaine proposal steps and guidance can be found on our website. The assigned ORA proposal staff will assist the PI in budget creation and incorporating UMaine rates as applicable (tution, graduate student stipend, fringe benefit rates and indirect cost rates). In addition, if there are questions regarding the indirect cost rate assigned to the project, the proposal staff will assist the PI in navigating this area and determining if a waiver of indirect costs is available and appropriate.

Finally, ORA staff will coordinate with the PI’s previous institution to determine the value of the grant transfer, review the original solicitation, and work with the Program Officer to determine the necessary steps to move the transfer forward. For questions related to transferring awards to the University of Maine, please email or contact the Grant & Contract Administrator who has been assigned to review your specific proposal.