New ORA Budget Template

Beginning on November 26th, for any new proposals…

  • The PI must use the new budget template
  • The PI will enter the cost share information into the new tab on the ORA budget template instead of into PARS
  • ORA staff will now upload the budget, justification, and abstract into PARS
  • PARS will now read the budget and enter the financial information automatically (including cost sharing)
  • The PI will still be responsible for verifying the accuracy of all the proposal information before turning on routing

A new ORA budget template will be in effect as of 11/26/18. On that date, we will be implementing three changes that will enable us to improve both the budget building process and PARS financial accuracy.

First, we have created a new worksheet on the budget template called Cost Share Sources. Rather than putting the cost share information into PARS, all relevant information will now be entered into this Cost Share Sources worksheet. Detailed instructions are included on the worksheet in the ORA budget template.

ORA will no longer accept old budget templates for budgets that were started after 11/26/18. In order for PARS to correctly read the relevant cost share and financial information from the spreadsheet, everyone must be using the new version. These changes will greatly reduce the effort by PI and support staff and will increase the accuracy of the information in PARS. When a budget is uploaded and the numbers confirmed, all information requested on the Financial Information page (including cost share) will automatically be entered.

Lastly, ORA Staff will now be responsible for uploading the completed budget into PARS. Please let us know if you experience any difficulty while navigating these changes. We hope this is a step in the right direction for efficiency and the ease of use for UMaine faculty and support staff.