Office of Research Administration

Effective Immediately – New Procedure in Place to Notify ORA of Intent to Submit a Proposal. All Notifications MUST be Routed Through PARS

NEW – Effective immediately,  all Principal Investigators will be required to notify ORA of upcoming proposal submissions by completing a Notice of Intent to Submit a Proposal form through PARS. To ensure that all required certifications and mandatory training modules are current, this form must be submitted through the lead PI’s PARS account.

Upon receipt of a Notice of Intent to Submit a Proposal, ORA will, for its part, acknowledge receipt, assign a grant/contract specialist to the proposal and provide due dates for documents ORA will need prior to submission as per the ORA Proposal Submission Policy & Timeline (PDF).  An ORA pre-award staff member will contact the PI within three business days to discuss the upcoming proposal.

The main goal of this new process is to notify ORA of an investigator’s intent to submit a proposal as far in advance as possible.  Requiring all proposals to follow this Notice of Intent protocol will allow ORA adequate time to more efficiently plan workload calendars and coordinate work schedules, thereby ensuring a thorough review of proposal materials and the opportunity to provide investigators with more comprehensive support in budget preparation, guideline and proposal review, and submission of applications.  This protocol should also make things more equitable by allowing ORA to process proposals in the order in which they are received and should help decrease the number of rushed, last-minute proposals, thus improving the overall quality of UM submissions.