Highlights from the National Survey of Student Engagement

The National Survey of Student Engagement was launched in 1999 with the following underlying goals: (a) focus conversations on undergraduate quality, (b) enhance institutional practice and improvement initiatives, (c) foster comparative and consortium activity, and (d) provide systematic national data on “effective educational practices”. Their survey is grounded in the following seven principles of good practice in Undergraduate Education:

  • Student faculty contact
  • Active learning
  • Prompt feedback
  • Time on task
  • High expectations
  • Experiences with diversity
  • Cooperation among students

The data provided by the NSSE survey provides a comprehensive view of student engagement.  The results can be particularly useful in tracking progress toward institutional, departmental, or program goals.

The survey was administered to first-year students and seniors during the Spring 2020 semester, prior to the pandemic.  We received responses from 29% of first-years and 26% of seniors.

The following table shows relative strengths and challenges of UMaine compared to other New England public universities.

nsse table

Custom reports have been prepared for the individual colleges.  Further, we are preparing reports focused on the items related to advising, student life, and retention.  Please contact debra.allen@maine.edu if you would like more information about the NSSE data.