Personalizing Questions for Online Student Evaluations of Teaching

It may be hard to believe but the time for student evaluations of teaching (SET) is fast approaching and with that comes the time for faculty to add personalized questions to their online questionnaire in Blue.  Question personalization (QP) is a straightforward task and your opportunity to add up to 10 questions to the questionnaire. Questions added during QP only appear on the instructors’ own report summaries and are for informational purposes only. Approximately four weeks before the end of classes, faculty will receive an email that includes instructions and a link to Blue to add questions. Two weeks are given to complete this task. We recommend having your questions prepared before you follow the QP link to add them in Blue.  The UMaine Orono Standard 19 questions are available on the OIRA website.  Please do not duplicate these questions as students will have already answered them earlier in the questionnaire.

Faculty are able to add up to seven scaled (Likert) questions and three open-ended comment style questions for each course that they teach.  To aid in this process, particularly if the same questions are being added for each course a faculty member is teaching, we recommend writing them in a Word document and then copying/pasting them into the space available for each course. CITL provides some recommendations and additional resources for using personalized questions to shift the focus from instructor performance to the learners’ experience. These include questions such as:

  • How would the student rate their own ability/confidence?
  • What will the student remember in 5 years?
  • How did the learning activities support learning?

As always, we are here to help, so please reach out to Lisa Henderson ( ) or Ryan Weatherbee ( if you have any additional questions about QP or other aspects of online SET.