UMaine Nursing International (UMNI)
University of Maine School of Nursing 

UMaine Nursing International, in partnership with International Service Learning (ISL) is a once in a lifetime international field experience.  Students will work with a UMaine faculty leader and an ISL leader and travel to remote international locations where there are limited health care services.   This is an incredible experience where true learning takes place outside the classroom.  Students learn about the culture of the people, the health care system of another country, and learn about themselves.  

Student volunteers participate in village visits, home visits, and clinics where many have never received health care services.  They provide teaching and education in schools and villages.  Students bring several hundred pounds of much needed medical supplies for donations.  

The experience focuses on cultural diversity, cultural respect, personal growth, volunteerism, what it means to serve others, health care systems uniquely different than western medical care, fundraising, teamwork, and more.   

The team works a year in preparation for the experience.  Past experiences have included Panama, Belize, and Costa Rica. UMNI was established in 2012.  The May 2020, trip to Tanzania was canceled due to COVID-19.  Plans are being developed for Tanzania, May 2022 post COVID-19 when travel is once again safe.