News Center Maine interviews students, Brewer about election

News Center Maine interviewed several University of Maine students for their thoughts about the election and candidates for various races. “I think once you get down to a person-to-person level, it’s a lot less partisan. I think a lot of partisanship is for show,” said junior Virginia Hugo-Vidal, who serves as vice president for the UMaine College Democrats. “It’s about having each person want to hear the other side,” said senior Anna Zmistowski, chair for UMaine College Republicans. “We need to cultivate a greater ability to listen to one another and not speak.” Mark Brewer, a professor of political science, also spoke with News Center Maine about students’ perspectives on the election, particularly a desire to see third party representation. He also said that regardless of political affiliation, he has noticed a general agreement among students about certain issues like climate change and racial justice.