Press Herald article on Maine reality TV quotes Socolow

A Portland Press Herald article titled “Popularity of Maine reality shows proves it’s the way TV should be” quoted Michael Socolow, an associate professor of communication and journalism at the University of Maine. The state has had a mark on popular culture predating the recent boom of reality TV and even TV itself, the article states. In 1930, three of the top national radio shows had strong Maine ties, including one hosted by singer Rudy Vallee, who grew up in Westbrook, and the Maine-set series “Seth Parker” and “Uncle Abe and Dave,” according to Socolow. And many of Maine native Stephen King’s works, which have been the basis for more than 44 films and some 35 TV projects, play on the view of Maine as a place of isolation and long, dark winters, said Socolow, who will become director of the university’s McGillicuddy Humanities Center in July, the Press Herald reported. also published the article.