‘The Maine Question’ explores the role undergraduate research plays

Research conducted at the University of Maine is vital to the state’s economy and workforce. And mentoring undergraduate students to be effective researchers is a major focus at UMaine.

But how do students develop their research chops? That’s the topic of this week’s episode of “The Maine Question.

Ali Abedi says research moves people from talking about opinions to talking about facts. 

He should know.

He’s a professor of electrical and computer engineering, assistant vice president for research and director of the Center for Undergraduate Research at the University of Maine.  

He’s also co-founder of two startup companies and director of the WiSe-Net Lab, which focuses on wireless sensor networks for structural monitoring, space explorations and bio-medical applications. 

Abedi talks with host Ron Lisnet about how students learn to verify information, ask important questions and combine knowledge with experience to find answers and solutions that benefit Maine and the world.

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