Media cover launch of UMaine Arctic network

WABI (Channel 5), WVII (Channel 7) and Maine Public reported on the celebratory launch event of UMaine Arctic. The University of Maine program aims to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations in New England with a diverse expertise network of regional academic faculty and staff involved in research, education and outreach related to the Arctic. The event featured displays of Arctic-related research by UMaine faculty and graduate students, according to WABI. “What’s happening in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic as one of our colleagues likes to say,” said Christopher Gerbi, a professor in the UMaine School of Earth and Climate Sciences and associate dean for research in the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture. “The oceans flow down between Greenland and Canada and come straight into the Gulf of Maine. That affects temperatures, salinity, and that affects marine life, which has huge ties to any of the fisheries, and then the coastal communities that rely on those are going to be affected by the economic challenges.” Bangor Daily News and Saving Seafood carried the Maine Public report.