UMaine to host Maine-Québec Number Theory Conference

Number theorists and mathematicians from New England and Canada will present research and discuss ideas for future work at the 2019 Maine-Québec Number Theory Conference Oct. 5–6 in D.P. Corbett Business Building.

The conference provides an opportunity for young mathematicians and graduate students to interact with leading scholars, and to enhance collaboration between Canadian and American number theorists. The 66 presentations are free and open to the public. Emily Haddad, dean of the     College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, will give opening remarks. 

Number theory remains one of the most active areas of research in mathematics. Aside from its intrinsic beauty, number theory has recently seen many practical applications, notably through cryptography and coding theory. In 1998, number theorists at UMaine and Laval University in Québec founded the Maine-Québec Number Theory Conference. Since then it has been held annually (with the exception of 2001) on a weekend in early fall, with hosting duties alternating between the universities. 

The event is organized by the University of Maine Department of Mathematics and Statistics, with support from the National Science Foundation and UMaine. More information, including a program, is online. To register, email Andrew Knightly,