The Quoddy Tides speaks with Kryszak, students about ‘When the Chevy Breaks’ documentary

The Quoddy Tides interviewed Alan Kryszak, an interdisciplinary fine arts faculty member at the University of Maine at Machias, and UMaine Machias students, about their documentary film “When the Chevy Breaks (How Small Towns Fix Big Problems).” The film was produced by students in Kryszak’s Downeast Documentary course, and is the third in a series, the article states. “Questions were deliberately not scripted,” said Kryszak about the filmmaking process. “The opening question, ‘Can you talk about a problem you have solved, or how are problems dealt with in Down East Maine?’ launches a unique, interesting and organic story as the students listen [and capture].” The assignment from day one of the class was to “capture people, light and any story that relays how someone solves a problem, living in remote areas where outside help is not always there,” according to Kryszak. “The theme got my brain going. It was a tool,” said UMM student Sophie Squire. “[Krysak] was technical, but also very adamant about the art behind it, and he described a lot of the technical nuances of how you can portray your creativity in film,” said UMM Early College student Alexis Morrill. “The biggest thing was when you were interviewing people — that whole scenario — there’s a camera, there’s people around this one person, and this person’s kind of putting their heart out, and putting it out on film, and everyone’s going to watch it. It’s a lot,” said UMM student Christopher Palmiotto. Other student filmmakers this year included Alex Blackie, Kayla Cater, Eric Darby, Jesse Gray, Brooke Hachey, Lucas Logan, Abdalla Mostafa, Holly Preston, Will Rittenhouse, Miranda Sutton and Trevor Tanski, The Quoddy Tides reported. County Wide Free Press also previewed the April 24 UMM premiere of the film.