UMaine legacy collection featured in Campus Marketplace

Campus Marketplace, the official newsletter of the National Association of College Sports, reported on the roll out of the University of Maine’s legacy collection. University Bookstore has been pushing to create a legacy logo for a couple of years, and this year’s Winter Carnival proved to be the perfect opportunity to unveil merchandise bearing the vintage look, according to the article. “Winter Carnival has a lot of student engagement,” said Dean Graham, assistant director of retail operations at University Bookstore. “There’s just a lot of activity and it’s in a month where there’s not a lot of other stuff going on, so we felt it would be a good time. We thought it would create a lot of excitement.” The legacy logo features a bear’s head used by the university in the 1970s and ’80s, according to the article. “The response has been very positive,” said Val Ireland, manager of creative services in UMaine’s Division of Marketing and Communications. “The bear’s head we use now is much more in alignment with our current athletic logo, which is very stylized. The retro logo is not really cartoonish, but it’s in that style. It just so happens that this particular logo was used about the time the parents of many of our current students were here in school and that definitely helped boost interest.”