UMaine designated as combined heat and power assistance center, media report

WABI (Channel 5), WVII (Channel 7), Decentralized Energy and the Associated Press reported on the recent U.S Department of Energy decision to select the University of Maine as a regional Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnership program designee. The funding aims to advance the installation of cost-effective and highly efficient combined heat and power technologies, WABI reported. The goal is to use Maine’s natural resources while bolstering the forest products industry and helping create jobs, the report states. “We live in a state with high energy costs and this project will help businesses in Maine, and also other institutions such as hospitals to look at ways where they can reduce energy costs, use their energy more effectively, and also improve their energy reliability,” said David Dvorak, a professor of mechanical engineering technology at UMaine. Republican Sen. Susan Collins and independent Sen. Angus King applauded the designation in a joint press release. “CHP technologies provide an exciting opportunity to explore innovative strategies that lower energy costs and strengthen the Maine economy.” Collins and King said. “By leveraging our state’s natural resources, we can bolster the forest products industry and help create jobs that support our rural communities.” The announcement includes $25 million in DOE funding, which will be disbursed over five years to eight new CHP TAP designees. UMaine is set to receive nearly $2 million, according to WABI. Maine Public, The Seattle Times, The Kansas City Star, Tampa Bay Times, The Washington Times and WMTW (Channel 8 in Portland) carried the AP report.