Hampden Family Earns Ninth Degree at Commencement, Weekly Reports

The Weekly published a University of Maine news release about a Hampden-based family that at Commencement earned its ninth UMaine degree among six immediate members. On Saturday, Margaret McCollough received a bachelor’s degree in sustainable agriculture. She is the daughter of Catherine Elliott, a sustainable living specialist with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, and Mark McCollough of Hampden, who met at UMaine in the 1980s and both hold two UMaine degrees. Margaret McCollough’s boyfriend Garth Douston, who she also met at UMaine, has a bachelor’s degree in sustainable agriculture. Margaret McCollough’s brother Aaron McCollough completed a bachelor’s degree in computer and electrical engineering and a master’s degree in computer engineering. While pursuing that degree, he became engaged to Morgan Burke, who completed her bachelor’s degree in wildlife ecology.