Mission Statement

The mission of the New Media Program is to provide an exemplary academic program embedded within the liberals arts in a small, Land-Grant, flagship university. The program offers an interdisciplinary course of study at the intersections of computer science, art and communications and its impact on the human condition. The curriculum’s melding of critical perspective with hands-on practice should enable students to become articulate and creative thinkers who are proficient with a range of technologies and design perspectives and are able to apply them in addressing the opportunities and pressing challenges faced by modern communities and societies. We strive for excellence in scholarship, teaching and service that will be of benefit to our students, our communities, and our discipline.
Faculty provide excellent teaching to undergraduate students both in and out of the classroom and faculty will gain national or international reputations through their scholarship. Excellent teachers motivate students, nurture them as scholars, and share their enthusiasm for learning in general and for their discipline in particular. We see advising as an important part of teaching. We believe that excellent teachers have high standards for students and provide students with the tools to meet those standards.
Like excellent teaching and scholarship, excellent service to the school and the discipline is productive, recognized and is performed with dedication, competence, enthusiasm and professional integrity.
It is also an important part of our mission to maintain a highly collegial environment while expanding our teaching, scholarship and teaching missions. We are dedicated to building a community of learning inclusive of all faculty, students and staff.

Program Educational Objectives

New Media requires creativity, critical thinking and technical skills. New Media specialists require exposure to and mastery of skills in art, design, computing, cultural studies, creative writing, and project development. The New Media BA degree provides the foundation for students to pursue meaningful new media careers in art, business, industry and government, and to pursue graduate studies in the field. Our curriculum will enable our students to:

  • Bring to bear a strong background in the basics of New Media and the theoretical underpinnings of the discipline.
  • Engage proficiently in visual communication, interaction design, physical prototyping, digital storytelling, and the building of applications with code.
  • Understand and be able to analyze trends in new media and their effect on different stakeholders across society, including their legal, ethical, and ecological impacts.
  • Support new media ventures that create disruption or that help industry weather disruptions.
  • Act effectively as a collaborator on both in-person and remote teams.
  • Understand how computers operate, the basics of coding, which applications and file formats are appropriate for different media, and how to manage a sophisticated long-term new media project.
  • Be effective in designing and developing multiple genres of contemporary media including those incorporating web development, 2- and 3-d artistic and functional design, audio, video, sensors, stories, games, and mobile app development.
  • Create compelling public presentations
  • Function effectively in the workplace with the necessary technical and communication skills, whether working independently or in team settings.
  • Adapt to changes in technology and society through continued personal and scholarly growth.

Student Outcomes

Graduates of the program will have an ability to:

  • conceptualize original, creative, and aesthetically engaging new media works that are conceptually strong, technically innovative, and realistically feasible.
  • articulate informed views within the field of new media using pertinent historical, conceptual, technological, and contemporary concepts.
  • explore, develop, and implement technical solutions to new media technical challenges.

What is New Media?

New Media is the study of media native to the computer. New Media technologies consistently shift societal paradigms of production, self-expression, and communication. Media is the primary means of mass communication and new media focuses on mass communication through digital publishing, broadcasting, the Internet, digital public art and display, and through interactions among these modalities.

Careers in New Media

New Media graduates may find work in a variety of fields, such as software development, web design, filmmaking, journalism, game design, marketing, and prototyping. New Media graduates are working in companies as diverse as Apple, the BBC, and Wikipedia. New media specialists have the skills to develop innovative, effective, and aesthetic digital communications and work products to further the interests of clients, employers, and society.  By persistently responding to the diverse and evolving creative and technological needs of modern businesses, organizations and communities, graduates have found employment opportunities within very large national and international organizations as well as within local small businesses, non-profits and government.