In New Media, you’ll learn a variety of skills to help you manage the complexities of today’s digital projects, from designing a logo to coding a website to filming and editing a video. Yet the New Media curriculum will also dive you deeply into one or two subjects of your choosing. The result is what employers call a “T-shaped” person: someone with mastery of one specialty as well as a broad array of related skills. A few of the concentrations our students pursue are:

User experience design

Computers and the Internet have become a primary means of home and workplace communication, and to be appealing and functional those interfaces need a good designer. This concentration blends strengths from computing, psychology, and design to serve an increased need for software and devices that are intuitive, usable, and desirable, with a focus on humans as individuals and in social contexts, and their behavior with technology.

Related careers

  • User experience (UX) designer
  • User interface (UI) designer
  • Human-computer interface developer
  • Product designer
  • Information architect
  • Front-end developer

Digital storytelling

In a world of information overload, companies and causes need creative ways for their signals to stand out from the noise. At the same time, today’s storytellers are increasingly turning to new formats like video games, social media, and virtual reality. This focus combines technical skills in animation, video, and programming with a nuanced understanding of what makes a compelling story to help creators get their message out to today’s media-savvy audiences.

Related careers

  • Digital storyteller
  • Video producer
  • Documentary photographer
  • Documentary videographer
  • Website copy writer
  • Digital marketer
  • Digital fiction author
  • Social media manager

Web and mobile appmaking

Graduates who can make websites and mobile apps are in high demand. This concentration grounds students in graphic design for the digital age, and then trains them to integrate back-end data management in the cloud with beautiful front-end interfaces for the web and mobile devices. Web designers will learn how to code, and programmers how to make an app that’s powerful but fun to use.

Related careers

  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Front-end developer
  • Mobile app developer
  • Mobile interface designer
  • Mobile game developer
  • Full-stack developer