Who We Are

The Newman Center is a Catholic church and a gathering place for the Catholic community at the University of Maine in Orono. The Newman Center, also known as Our Lady of Wisdom Church, is part of the Parish of the Resurrection of the Lord.

As a parish, we welcome all members of the University community: students, faculty, staff, and administrators, as well as their families. Visitors and residents of our parish communities are always welcome!

As a campus ministry center, we have a special ministry to University students. We welcome Catholics and those who are interested in knowing more about the Catholic faith, or who want to become Catholic.

Students gather for liturgy, retreats, outreach to those in need, social events, religious study, and sacrament preparation; and the chapel is always available for prayer!

We encourage students to study at the center, and free WiFi is available for that purpose. We also have space for cooking, a collection of board games, various outdoor games for temperate weather fun, and a vast collection of books to peruse if you need a break from textbooks.

Black Bear Catholic

The Newman Center is also the home of Black Bear Catholic. Black Bear Catholic is our Student-Run Organization on the UMaine campus. Our leadership team helps to run social and spiritual events at Newman. Meet our leaders at the bottom of our People of Newman page. If you are interested in joining the leadership team, please reach out to our campus minister Audrey. Elections are held at the end of each Fall semester for the upcoming Spring+Fall terms that match the calendar year.


FOCUS stands for The Fellowship of Catholic University Students.  FOCUS is a group of people passionate about changing the world and helping you live a life of purpose. They’re on college campuses across the country. Our missionaries here help run social and spiritual events. Check out our current missionaries on our People of Newman page.

Parish of the Resurrection of the Lord

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The Newman Center, also known as Our Lady of Wisdom, is a part of the Parish of the Resurrection of the Lord. Newman is one of four churches in our parish. Students in our parish are invited to attend daily masses and events at all churches throughout the parish and parishioners are encouraged to attend masses at the Newman Center.  Being a part of a parish gives our students the unique opportunity of being able to meet and interact with Catholics who are at very different stages in their lives. It also gives us many service opportunities via our parish thrift store and community suppers. To learn more about our parish visit our parish website.