COVID-19 Updates

  • Attend Mass 
    • Saturdays 4pm at Holy Family, Old Town
    • Sundays 8am at Holy Family, Old Town
    • Sundays 9:30am at St. Ann, Bradley
    • Sundays 11am at Holy Family, Old Town (while the Newman Center/Our Lady of Wisdom is under construction)
    • Sundays 5pm *during Fall+Spring semesters only* on campus (exact location TBD)


  • As of 6/19/2021, the obligation for Catholics to attend Mass on Sundays and holydays was reinstated. Bishop Deeley writes: “The obligation to attend Mass reflects the character of who we are as Catholics. There is no greater form of prayer as we praise God for his many blessings and strengthen one another in faith and hope,” said Bishop Robert Deeley. “At Mass, we have an encounter with Jesus which brings true meaning to our lives, and the Eucharist, the source and summit of our faith, is the primary place in which we are community.”


  • Livestream weekend and daily Masses in our parish at our YouTube channel: Resurrection Parish. As is always the case, the obligation does not apply to those who have serious reasons for not attending Mass like individuals who are seriously ill, caring for an ill person, homebound, suffering from a compromised health condition, or otherwise unable to attend Mass in person. Individuals with questions about any specific needs or concerns are advised to contact the parish office at (207) 827-4000. Pastors, who have the authority to dispense in individual cases, can be helpful in addressing individual fears and concerns.