Monitoring Dynamic Spatial Fields Using Responsive Geosensor Networks

PI: Mike Worboys

Project Summary:

The goal of this project is to provide efficient ways for sensor networks to monitor such fields, and to report significant changes in them. The focus is on qualitative changes, such as splitting or emergence of holes in a region of high activity. The approach is to develop qualitative and topological methods to deal with changes. We use a combinatorial map model of the sensor network, which is rich enough so that for each sensor, its position, and the distances and bearings of neighboring sensors are easily computed. The sensors are responsive to changes in the spatial field, so that sensors are activated in the vicinity of ‘interesting’ developments in the field, while sensors are deactivated in quiescent locations. All computation and message passing is local, with no centralized control. Optimization is addressed through use of techniques in qualitative representation and reasoning, and efficient update through a dynamic and responsive underlying spatial framework.