Black Lives Matter

Dear Community,
The University of Maine Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), echoes the rage caused by the recent murder of George Floyd. We acknowledge that this is not one isolated event and remember the thousands of Black lives lost to police violence. We reject the injustice of arresting hundreds of protestors, while three of the four perpetrators continue to walk free.
It is plain to see that the price of silence and inaction is the loss of precious lives. It is only when we are able to do the work of unpacking our own biases that we are able to understand what is required of us. It is then that we are able to hold systems and individuals accountable for their actions.
It is hard to ignore the fact that this nation was built on the blood, sweat, tears and attempted silencing of millions of black people. As we take a moment to come to terms with this, we need to couple it with real action.
The Staff at ODI commit to working with any and all departments at UMaine who would like to undergo Diversity and Inclusion Training (2-Levels) and/or Safe Zone Training. These trainings can be set up by making appointments with the staff.
Along with the Counseling Center, ODI is hosting an informal support session for students of color only who want to talk through coping during this sensitive and difficult time. We will inform you of this session ASAP.
We stand with the students, faculty, staff and community members who have dedicated themselves to cultivating a more just and equitable society for all. We proudly state that Black Lives Matter to us.
Anila Karunkar
Director for Diversity and Inclusion
Tel: 207-581-1437
Robert Jackson
Staff Associate for Diversity and Inclusion
Tel: 207-581-9517
The Dean of Students Office is open and available for support.
Tel: 207-581-1406
Offices are open Monday-Friday from 10am-3pm