Dr. Chengwang Lei’s visit to the University of Maine and the MOOR team.

Dr. Chengwang Lei from the University of Sydney visited the University of Maine on May 21st of 2015. During the time he spent at the university, he visited the MOOR team facilities and spoke with their members about their research. Dr. Chengwang Lei also presented a seminar on how to use resonance to enhance heat transfer by natural convection (see abstract below).

dr_lei_visit_dr_thiagarajanDr. Chengwang Lei with Dr. Krish Thiagarajan visiting the Wind Wave basin facility (W2) at UMaine.



“Resonance refers to the tendency of a system to oscillate with greater amplitudes at some frequencies than at other frequencies. It occurs when a system is excited at frequencies close to the natural frequency of the system. Resonance finds applications in mechanical, electrical, optical, medical, acoustical, and many other systems. Resonance may also take place in thermal boundary layers, which is the topic of this presentation. In this talk, the process of determining the natural (characteristic) frequency of a thermal boundary layer and the way of triggering resonance in the thermal boundary layer will be demonstrated. A passive strategy for triggering resonance and enhancing heat transfer by natural convection will be discussed.”