MLC Courses

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MLC 175: Multiculturalism in America

A multidisciplinary course that investigates the nature of “American” identity through readings and essay writing, video and debate.
Satisfies the General education Cultural Diversity and International Perspective requirement. Cr. 3.

MLC 190: Topics in Modern Languages

Prerequisite: permission Cr. Ar.

MLC 293: Study Abroad

Permits the granting of foreign language credit for courses taken aboard with no exact University of Maine catalog equivalent. May be repeated for credit. Cr. 1-6.

MLC 421: World Cinema

Cross-cultural encounters frequently lead to misunderstanding, conflict and even animosity, but also comical moments.  The medium of film can help students realize that crossing cultures is not only possible, but can be a life-transforming experience.  In world cinema, Road Movies have come to represent the myth of mobility and freedom, their protagonist are groups of people of individuals who seek to escape their world – either temporarily or permanently – to set out towards redemption and adventure.  The road either makes or breaks the traveler and thus becomes the passage to which a new beginning is possible.  The course will investigate how various cultures portray these quests for change, how many of these trips lead to cross-cultural (mis) communication and how these themes are both universal and culturally-specific.  By analyzing a variety of films, it will become clear how national cinema, political institutions and the socio-cultural makeup of a given society are interconnected.  The fact that Hollywood’s film industry exerts global influence is also apparent in the many foreign road movies, which take place in the United States.  The variety of movies chosen will present not only a look at ethnic minorities and majority in various countries around the world and in the U.S., foreign cultures from the American point-of-view; but will also demonstrate how others view America.

Prerequisite: ENG 280, HTY 218 or permission of instructor

Satisfies the General Education Creative and artistic expression, social contexts and institutions requirement.

MLC 466: Teaching Modern Languages

This course is intended to prepare prospective teachers to make sound decisions with regard to the content, the approach, the goals and classroom activities appropriate to foreign language teaching.  It is therefore designed to introduce participants to current theories and practice of foreign language teaching.  In order to achieve this goal, it is essential that participants understand the linguistic, psychological, anthropological, and educational theories that contributed to the development of contemporary methodologies.  By seeking to establish the theoretical basis of second language learning/acquisition and foreign language instruction, course participants will be encouraged to become reflective and self-critical language instructors.  The course also aims to provide sources of information to which participants can turn in the years ahead for continued guidance in their professional development. Cr. 3.

MLC 490: Topics in Modern Languages

Specific topics vary from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit.

Prerequisite: permission. Cr. 3.

MLC 493: Study Abroad

Permits the granting of foreign language credit for courses taken aboard with no exact University of Maine catalog equivalent.  May be repeated for credit. Cr. 1-6.

MLC 496: Field Work in Modern Languages

Supervised work in either the public or the private sector which is relevant to the study and use of a modern language.  Requirements include an initial proposal which shows the relevance of the work experience to the students’ program in modern languages and a final report or paper.

Prerequisite: an appropriate level of fluency as determined by the department. Cr. 1-12.

MLC 566: The Teaching of Modern Languages

Includes current trends and methods in world language instruction, application of second language acquisition principles to classroom procedures, interplay of theory and practice at different proficiency levels, uses of technology in instructional process.  For individuals seeking world language teaching (re)certification.


Credits: 3

MLC 598: Topics in Modern Languages

Topics in Modern Languages


Credits: 3