Placement Exam / Credit by Exam

The Placement Exam
• All students who studied French, Spanish or German in high school must take the placement exam before taking their first French, Spanish or German course at UMaine. Transfer students who have been awarded college credit  are exempt from this requirement. In the case of German, placement beyond 101 is limited to 102, 203 or 204.
• The test is offered online and can be taken any time (password: blackbears1).
• Upon completion of the test, students will automatically receive their score and a recommended placement level (Semester 1, 2, 3, 4 or higher). Students whose scores fall within ten points of the cut-off score for a given level should confirm their placement with the faculty coordinator for that course (beginning or intermediate). A printed copy of the results should be given to the instructor.

Please contact the department if you have questions about your placement.

Credit by Examination
• Students who have studied French or Spanish for three or more years in high school may opt for credit by examination at the intermediate level. No credit is awarded for elementary language courses.
• The test is the same test described above and can be taken online anytime:, password: blackbears1.
• Credit is awarded retroactively. Three to six credits at the intermediate level will be awarded upon successful completion of a course at the next higher level. For example, a student who places into Intermediate II is eligible to receive three (3) credits for Intermediate I upon successful completion (a grade of B or higher) of Intermediate II. A student who places into the 300 level and higher is also eligible for credit for Intermediate II if they successfully complete a second course at a higher level.
• Upon completion of a course, bring a copy of your grade for the course, together with your exam score, to the chairperson of the Department of Modern Languages and Classics. S/he will determine which credits are to be awarded and will write a letter to the Office of Student Records, which will post the credits to you academic transcript.
• No credit is awarded for a student’s native language

To view your test results again at a later time:

1. Return to the WebCAPE exam website;
2. Fill out the top of the survey form exactly as you did when taking the exam;
3. Press the Resume button.

To make a copy of the results, use your browser’s File menu to save to a file, print, or send them via email.

Updated November 2017