Spring 2016 Sustainability Talks

Where available, links to video recordings are listed under each talk.

May 2
A World Upside Down: Charting climate and biodiversity futures in Africa and the global south
Phoebe Barnard, South African National Biodiversity Institute
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May 18
Engaging in Sustainability Debates: The Role of Universities, Experts, and Journalists in Promoting Collaboration and Innovation
Matthew C. Nisbet, Associate Professor of Communication, Northeastern University
Video not available

April 18
Frederick Law Olmsted: Saving, Creating and Sustaining America’s Natural World
Gerry Wright
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April 11
When Stories Leave the NEST: Online Archives for Stakeholder Engagement in Sustainability Science
Tyler Quiring, New England Sustainability Consortium, UMaine
Bridie McGreavy, Communication & Journalism, UMaine
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April 4
Social and Environmental Impacts of Forest Management Certification: Insights from Indonesia
Daniela Miteva, The Nature Conservancy
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March 28
Bridging the Gap between Science and Policy: Lessons Learned from the Delaware River Watershed
Carol Collier, Senior Advisor for Watershed Management and Policy, Drexel University Academy of Natural Sciences
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March 21
Anticipating Surprises: The Role of Winter Weather-Climate Variability on Lake Ice Regimes in Maine
Mussie Beyene, PhD Candidate, Civil & Environmental Engineering, UMaine
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February 29
Maine Lakes…Living on the Edge?
Aria Amirbahman, Stephen Norton (UMaine), Firooza Pavri (USM), Scott Williams (VLMP), and Linda Bacon (Maine DEP)
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February 22
Second Nature: A historian’s search for sustainability in New England
Richard Judd, Dept. of History, UMaine
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February 15
When Farming is like Fishing: Helping Farmers Understand Landscape Effects, Lessons from the Bee Mapper
Sam Hanes, Dept. of Anthropology, UMaine and Brianne Du Clos, PhD student, Ecology & Environmental Sciences, UMaine
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February 8
Changing the Narrative: How Do We Make Sustainable Food Systems Sustainable?
Melissa Ladenheim, Mark Haggerty, François Amar, Danielle Walczak (fellow), Stephanie Welcomer, Linda Silka, John Jemison (Sustainable Food Systems Research Collaborative, UMaine) and Tim Waring, Ethan Tremblay (School of Economics, UMaine)
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February 1
Keystone Pipeline and Low Carbon Fuels: An Update on Transportation Energy Policy
Jonathan Rubin, Professor, Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center and School of Economics, UMaine
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January 25
From Anthropogenic Ecosystems to Zoonoses: Emerging Issues in Conservation
EES 590 Course Presentations. Instructors: Aram Calhoun, Malcolm Hunter
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