SSI Emerald Ash Borer Team Member, Theresa Secord, Honored for Her Artistry

May 2013

The Maine Crafts Association, a statewide non-profit organization promoting the work of Maine’s craft artists, has named Penobscot basket maker Theresa Secord of Waterville, Maine as the MCA 2013 Master Craft Artist. Secord was selected for this award equally for a career of excellence in her own craft work as well as deep contributions to craft in Maine, specifically support of native basket makers. The Maine Crafts Association is proud to join a long list organizations and institutions, such as the Maine Arts Commission and First People’s Fund, who have recognized how Secord’s basketry, dedication, relationships and arts administration skills have contributed to traditional craft in Maine and throughout the United States. In 1993, Theresa led the founding of the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance, a native run cultural organization whose mission is to preserve traditional ash and sweetgrass basketry among all four tribes in Maine, to address barriers associated with sustaining the art form in the Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Maliseet and Micmac Tribes. Secord is a member of the Penobscot tribe.

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