Faculty Experts Guide

Faculty Expert

Expertise/Area of Study


Mark W. Anderson Ecological Economics
Knowledge to Action
Sustainability Science
Environmental Impact Assessment
 (download pdf)
Kate Beard-Tisdale Spatio-temporal data models
Spatial information retrieval
Analysis and visualization of spatio-temporal data
 (download pdf)
Christine Beitl Sustainability Science
Human Ecology
Environmental Anthropology
Coastal/Fisheries Anthropology
(download pdf)
Damian Brady Water quality
Coastal acidification
Land-sea interactions
(download pdf)
Aram Calhoun Vernal Pools
Wetland Ecology
Natural resource planning
 (download pdf)
Yong Chen Fisheries
Fisheries Stock Assessment and Management
(download pdf)
Charles Colgan The Maine and U.S. Economies
Economics of the Environment
Demography of Maine
The Economies of Coastal Regions
 (download pdf)
Christopher Cronan Biogeochemistry
Plant Ecology
Ecosystem Ecology
Land Use Planning
Resource Sustainability in Forest Ecosystems
Effects of Air Pollution & Global Change on Natural Resources
 (download pdf)
John Daigle American Indians and Climate Change
Indigenous Voices in Adaptation Planning
Cultural Impacts of Large-Scale Environmental Changes
Forest Resource Management
(download pdf)
Samuel Hanes Cultural Geography
Historical Geography
Environmental Anthropology
(download pdf)
David Hart Mobilizing higher education’s capacity for problem-solving
Solutions-focused sustainability science
University – stakeholder partnerships
Issue-driven interdisciplinarity
(download pdf)
Malcolm Hunter Forest Ecosystems
Wildlife Ecology
Conservation Biology
(download pdf)
Cindy Isenhour Environmental Governance
Climate Mitigation, Adaptation & Policy
Consumption, Embodied Energy & Waste
(download pdf)
Shaleen Jain Flood Management
Climate Change
Economic Development
Water Resource Management 
(download pdf)
Teresa Johnson Social Dimensions of Tidal
Power Development
Marine Fisheries Management
Knowledge to Action
Fishing Communities 
(download pdf)
Jessica Leahy Natural Resource Management and Planning
Small Woodlot Management
Recreation Access
(download pdf)
William Livingston Tree Pests
Tree Disease 
(download pdf)
Cynthia Loftin Wetland Ecology
Wildlife Ecology
Landscape Ecology
Geographic Information Systems
(download pdf)
Brian McGill Impacts of Climate Change on Nature
Trends in Biodiversity
Large Scale Ecology
(download pdf)
Caroline Noblet Sustainable Behavior
Public Acceptance of Policy
Environmental Behavior and Economic Psychology
(download pdf)
John Peckenham Water resources
Groundwater and Wells
Drinking water
Citizen science
 (download pdf)
Darren Ranco Tribal/Native American Issues
Environmental Justice
Research Collaboration 
(download pdf)
Andrew Reeve Groundwater Hydrology and Geochemistry
Peatland Systems
Computer Modeling
Python Scripting for Data Analysis
(download pdf)
Linda Silka Community-University Partnerships
Research Ethics in Community Research
Program Evaluation
Translating Knowledge into Action
Community Environmental Issues
Citizen Science
Community-Based Participatory Research
(download pdf)
Sean Smith Watershed Science and Impact Assessments
Water Resources Management
Stream and River Characteristics and Processes
(download pdf)
Mario Teisl Labeling Policy
Food Policy
Natural Resource Economics
Climate Adaptation
(download pdf)
Sandra De Urioste-Stone Sustainable Tourism Planning
Visitor Travel and Risk Behavior
Community Resilience
Climate Change and Rural
(download pdf)
Timothy Waring Agent Based Modeling and Simulation
Sustainability Theory
Human Cooperation Dynamics
(download pdf)
Aaron Weiskittel Forestry
Forest Management
Climate Change
Forest Sampling and Statistics
(download pdf)
James A. Wilson Fisheries Management
Coupled Natural & Human Systems
Computer Modeling of Complex Systems
(download pdf)