The Engaged Black Bear Digital Badge in the Humanities

Humanities Meta Badge

UMaine boasts a wide range of students with differing interactions with the humanities (and humanities events). We have humanities students who already attend some humanities events outside of their coursework. We have STEM students who are interested in the humanities, but for one reason or another not interested in majoring or minoring in a humanities discipline. An issue administration has found for all of these students is that despite the many wonderful Humanities events on campus, UMaine students often opt out unless they are required to attend for a class. “Opting out” may lead to social isolation, especially when students can’t find what interests them on campus, or friends with whom to share new experiences. The Engaged Black Bear digital badge, which at the first level gives undergraduates a way to earn “credit” for just trying new things, could be a powerful tool in enhancing student participation and therefore retention.

With this in mind, the McGillicuddy Humanities Center is proud to announce the launch of our brand new Humanities Digital Badge.

 Center Director Jennifer Moxley worked with students to design this new Humanities Badge as part of the Engaged Black Bear Initiative

Digital badges, once earned, can be shared on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and embedded in digital resumes. 

Our goal is to encourage as many students as possible to earn a Level One badge. Those who like the program may then be inspired to earn a Level Two (sustained involvement) or even Level Three (leadership in the Humanities).

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Level I

EBB Humanities Badge Level 1DESCRIPTION

This badge is issued in recognition of the earner’s participation in three distinct humanities events on campus or in the community. By participating in these events earners start to build relationships that enable them to identify ways to enhance their engagement in and understanding of the humanities. 

In order to earn a Level One Humanities EBB Badge:

  • Register with the Engaged Black Bears Initiative
  • Create a Credly account
  • Attend three approved humanities events listed on the MHC calendar or the SPA calendar.
  • Provide one reflection as evidence for each event attended using this form

For each approved humanities event attended, earners must provide a reflection as evidence. Evidence must be submitted to Director Jennifer Moxley or Katrina Wynn.

Reflection as evidence of Level 1 participation can take any of the following three forms:

  1. A reflection paper answering the following three questions: 
    1) Why did you choose this particular event?
    2) What did the experience of being an audience member teach you?
    3) How did the event match or challenge your expectations?
  2. An “Insta-essay”
    Take a picture to document the event and post it on Instagram with a 50-160 word reflection on what you learned by attending. Tag the MHC: @mcgillicuddyhumanitiescenter. 
  3. A brief reflection (200-words) on how your own ideas or beliefs about human culture were engaged, confirmed, or challenged by the event .

Level II

EBB Humanities Badge Level 2TO EARN THIS BADGE:

  1. Add a brief “About Me” and a professional-looking headshot to your Credly account.
  2. Actively engage in at least three humanities learning experiences beyond the classroom, such as participating in humanities clubs and organizations or applied learning opportunities (see below) on campus or in the community.
  3. Reflect on your experiences and provide appropriate evidence, such as images of grant applications, letters from organization leaders, or signed statements about volunteer work along with your written or recorded reflections.

Qualifying Level II participation opportunities

This is not a finite list, please contact Jennifer Moxley if you would like to propose an alternative participation opportunity. 

Any of the SPA ensembles or shows.

Any of the SPA student organizations (available for both music and theatre/dance.)

French Club

German Club

Spanish Club

Photography Club

Fiber Arts Club

Art and Design Collective

Creative Writing Club

The Open Field (English Department undergraduate literary magazine)

Tango Club

Traditional Music and Dance Club

Capoeira Club

Acoustic Guitar Club

Humanities Student Task Force

The Humanities Student Task Force was a group of undergraduate students who worked with Director Jennifer Moxley during the 2016-2017 school year to design the criteria for the Humanities Badge.  Learn more about some of the members of the task force below.

2016-17 Humanities Student Task Force