Our Mission

The Marine Fisheries Partnership (MFP) seeks to connect people who are involved in creating a sustainable future for the world’s fisheries resources.

Marine fisheries are vital to the world’s food supply. Today, an increasing number of marine fish stocks are being overexploited and depleted. The MFP seeks to connect people who are involved in the management of fisheries resources in the US, China and other countries. We hope to generate, document, collect, and share knowledge of the best practices and innovations from across the world to ensure a sustainable future for the world’s fisheries.

The MFP was launched by a group of fisheries scientists and managers from the United States and China, two of the world’s most important fishing nations. The MFP has hosted conferences, organized study tours, and connected numerous institutions across the Pacific to facilitate the learning and exchange of information and fisheries management experiences. The MFP has helped to increase exposure to different management systems and techniques for experts from both the US and China. In the future, we will continue to foster collaboration between the US, China, and beyond. The MFP strives to become a platform to host international scientists, scholars, and fisheries experts for training, scholarly exchange, and collaborative research.