Week of November 30th

Updated Gantt Chart

Above is the new gantt chart for the rest of the school year so far. A few things were added but more will come during the Spring semester.

Updated Housing Design

Here is an isometric view of the housing system. It is still in working progress and some components still needs to be added. So far we have a control panel, a reservoir system, a pump, and some early design manifolds.

Water System Schematic

Above is the water system schematic. This is a basic drawing to model the watering system that will take place within our product. There will be a reservoir that holds water that will eventually be pumped out towards a manifold. The manifold then controls where the water goes, either towards the plants needing water or back through the pump and into the reservoir again. The water leads back to the reservoir in case there is excess water and to circulate the water within the reservoir.