2012 Yellow Team

University of Maine Mechanical Engineering Technology

Senior Design Project 2012

Project Objective

To design and fabricate a kinetic sculpture for the Bangor International Airport, promoting the airport and the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program.


What is new this week April 24, 2012

This week is the presentation week for projects.  The team has put their max effort into everything and Wednesday marks the competition.


Progress of the Build

We have begun building our project. Be sure to check back periodically for updates to our photo album and new YouTube videos of our progress.


The Design

The design of this project has been an intense process.  There are significant intricacies that we created basic representations for in a 3-D model using AutoCad.  With these 3-D  representations we have also design plans created for each part. (Note: In order to view the 3D PDF in the first slide, click download original in the top right corner of the screen.)

Design Plans

As a part of the design process, the yellow team has created a Project Management Plan, in an effort to keep ourselves on track to completing the Kinetic Sculpture in our time-frame allowed.  We also have a working parts list in order to show what parts are needed for our project.

Yellow Team Project Plan

Yellow Team Parts List


The Customer



Bangor International Airport serves thousands of people for national and international flights. Bangor is a main hub for military flights to and from Europe and the Middle East.  Bangor International is excited to have a kinetic sculpture to place in their terminal. The primary audience of the sculpture will be children, and the sculpture will have an airport theme.  They would like the sculpture to be centrally placed in the terminal for everyone to see. Below are pictures showing the proposed location for the Kinetic Sculpture.

Location with DimensionsLocation with Dimensions

Bangor International Airport

287 Godfrey Boulevard
Bangor, ME 04401

Telephone: 207-992-4600


Yellow Team Specifications

In addition to the general specifications set for the competition, the yellow team has created our own specifications.


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