Design Ideas

Design Ideas

A standard hydraulic jack will be used to crush pills. Simple attachments cab be machined which can allow people to raise and lower with ease.

Vibrating fixed jaw design. Lever is pulled down against pills which lie on a vibrator. Lever hits a switch when fully down that turns the vibrator on.

Contains a lever action handle that is spring loaded. Once the handle is lowered to a certain point a spring system is compressed.  The lever reaches another point to release spring which drives a hammer to the pills. This is done in a ratcheting motion.

This has been our most promising design yet. A powered hammer could be electric or pneumatic. Good impact force and rpm, but could be loud.

Hand-powered crank turns a gread which lifts a weight. This weight is connected to a spring and guide rails. The gear continuously lifts and drops the weight onto the pills.

The concept of this design is to apply a force onto the pills which are placed on a protruded surface. After an initial force breaks the pill, a torque will be applied to grind the remaining particles into finer powder.