Thermoplastic Fabrication of Scaled Vertical Axis Windturbines – Team 2

Example of a H-Rotor style Vertical Axis wind turbine showing forces acting on blades and location of generator
H-Rotor style vertical axis wind turbine

About the project:

This project focuses on researching thermoplastics and fiber reinforced composites for the fabrication of a scaled Vertical axis wind turbine. The wind turbine will be scaled to 1:50 of an industrial sized. The students are responsible for the research of design and materials, design of blades and system based on clients’ needs, and design of fabrication methods. The type of vertical axis wind turbine that was chosen by the client is a H Rotor style shown in the image above. The blades for the H Rotor style wind turbine are designed to have a symmetric cross-section (meaning no curvature along the length of the blade). For the dimensions, the diameter of the blades will be 2.2 meters, the overall height of the system will be 2.2 meters, the chord length (connecting chord from blade to central shaft) is .09 meters, and center of the hub to the center of the blade is 1.1 meters. According to clients’ specifications the overall weight of the system cannot exceed 4.8 kg (9.6 lbs.).


Weekly updates:

Week 12 (11/8 – 11/15)

Based on clients’ specifications the team needed to research different materials for the airfoil blades and determine a new fabrication method. Design of the airfoil is being done in Solidedge. Below is an image of the print for the specified airfoil shape.

Team Bios:

Brittany Wadsworth: Brittany is a fourth year student at the University of Maine pursuing her B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. For the past two years she has worked at the Advanced Manufacturing center, designing and prototyping projects for outside clients. She graduated highschool 2012 from Erskine academy in her hometown of China ME. After highschool she imediately enrolled at the University of Maine and will be graduating in August 2016. Her interests include aerospace industry, mechanical design, renewable energy, and materials sciences.

Nicholas Fitzpatrick:


David McCarron: David is a senior at the University of Maine currently pursuing degrees in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering Technology. He grew up in West Newbury, Massachusetts and upon graduation hopes to stay in the New England area for work. Studying both the electrical and mechanical aspects of problems has helped to develop a more complete understanding of the way things work. David has always been interested in the way all machines work, and having degrees in these fields will allow him to continue to do what he enjoys after graduation. In his free time he enjoys riding motorcycles, playing soccer, and relaxing with friends.


Connor Layman: Connor is a senior at the University of Maine Orono and is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. In high school Connor took engineering electives which introduced him to Autocad/Solidworks which lead to his engineering path. He has previous work experience in MEP design from his summer internship at Commercial Construction Consulting in Boston, MA. Connor is from Massachusetts in the town of Wrentham. He enjoys music and playing sports.


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