Reducing Injuries To Truck Drivers in the Logging Industry

About The Project

We were contacted by Madden Timberlands out of Old Town, Maine to come up with a design to help reduce the injuries to truck drivers in the logging industry due to the process of securing loads by throwing straps. Their drivers are getting severe injuries causing them to miss time at work which in turn is hurting the business and putting the company behind. Our goal is to come up with an idea that is convenient and easily usable, while also being able to survive any sort of condition’s that it will be under as the logging industry is one of the toughest in the world.

Dan, Ronnie, Nathan,Brett
Team 6 Capstone Members (Dan, Ronnie, Nathan, Brett)


11-19-15           We are continuing to come up with design ideas and critique our current ones. We now have a                                           complete preliminary report that we can send to our client for their revision. We are also in the process                           of reaching out to potential sponsor sources for our project. We have also created a YouTube page for                               our videos that you can view by clicking on the videos link below!

10-27-15          Finished our Midterm preliminary report for the project

10-22-15          Created the website! Keep checking in at-least once a week for updates on our project!

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Team Members

Daniel Jacques:

“I am a senior at the University of Maine studying for a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a minor in Electrical Engineering Technology. I have been working at the Advance Structures and Composites Center for three years as a Student Research Assistant during the school year, and this past summer I worked as a Project Manager Intern for Elmet Technologies. I plan on trying to pursue a career in the defense industry or material composites industry when I graduate in spring 2016. In my spare time you will find me outdoors or in a pool. I enjoy going camping, cliff jumping, and a new favorite sky diving; I also swam competitively for thirteen years and now just do if for fun.”

Ronnie Dube:

“I am a senior in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program. I plan on applying what I have learned from this program in the construction industry. I have worked for Sargent Corporation for two summers and could go back to be a Junior Foreman once I graduate in 2016. During my free time you’ll find me hanging out with my son, riding my motorcycle, or working on something with an engine.”

Nathan Bucknell:

“I am a senior at the University of Maine studying for my Mechanical Engineering Technology B.S. degree. I have a variety of experience in multiple industries from engineering to construction and even commercial fishing. I worked as a intern at a mechanical engineering firm this summer and currently work as a product design technician part time for an HVAC company. I plan on pursuing a career in a design and testing field where being able to get out of the office and get hands on is a priority. I graduate in 2016 and I look forward to starting a rewarding career where I can enjoy my hobbies such as snowmobiling, hunting, fishing and traveling.

Brett Taylor:

“I am a senior Mechanical Engineering Technology student at the University of Maine. I have enjoyed my time in Maine and am looking forward to applying the skills I have learned here in the Manufacturing business. I spend my free time golfing or watching football, Go Broncos!”

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