Haptic Floor for Motion Table

About This Project

Students are tasked with designing a haptic feedback floor for an existing motion table. The floor will need to provide feedback for a virtual reality system. For example, if in the virtual world, the user steps onto a muddy surface, the feedback system will simulate a softer step than if the user were to be walking on a sidewalk. Ideally, the user will be able to phsyically take steps, as if he or she were walking on a treadmill. The end goal of this project is to simulate different environments to the degree of accuracy required to fool the human mind while engaged in a virtual reality experiment.

The Exisisting Motion Table at VEMI



Preliminary sketch of air bladders providing haptic feedback.
Preliminary sketch of haptic tensioning system


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Team Bios

Devon Dionne

I am a 4th year mechanical engineering technology student. I will graduate in December of 2016. Once I graduate I would like to work for Polaris designing Snowmobiles or motorcycles. I grew up in Mars Hill Maine where I spent most of the winter riding snowmobiles and the summer riding motorcycles. I have always enjoyed fixing my vehicles and thinking about ways they could be designed better, so I believed that mechanical engineering would be a good career path for me to take. I have spent the past two years balancing my time between school work and my job at Shaw and Tenney in Orono Maine. At my job I have learned how to operate a CNC router to produce various types of Oars. Other activities I enjoy doing are fishing, four wheeling, hunting, and snowmobiling.


Blake Bodwell

I’m currently in my fourth year at the University of Maine studying Mechanical Engineering Technology. I’m a proud graduate of Maine Region Ten Technical High School and Brunswick High School in Brunswick, Maine. The past two summers, I was able to gain a lot of experience with an internship at Fisher Engineering in Rockland, ME. My first summer, I supported the manufacturing of snowplows and sanders. My second summer, I implemented lean manufacturing techniques into a weld and assemble cell layout. Fisher has helped improve my analysis, design and build skills, as well as working effectively within a team. In my free time I like to buy used vehicles that typically need work to run. Both at home and at work I excel with hands-on problem solving, this is why Engineering Technology is a good fit for me. After college, I would like to work hard in a rewarding career for a company with a good purpose.


Arno Wirta

I am a fourth year Mechanical Engineering Technology student at the University of Maine.  I am from Houlton, ME and went to Hodgdon High School. Ever since I have been little, I have enjoyed playing with mechanically related things and trying to build things.  The past summer, I worked under an engineer at AJ Coleman, a general contractor based in Conway, NH. I gained valuable experience and knowledge about field engineering and some insight as to how large projects are managed.  In my spare time, I enjoy motorcycling, working on vehicles, dirtbiking, playing music, and snowmobiling.  After graduation, I am looking forward to working in my field of study and being able to use problem solving skills and critical thinking on a daily basis.



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If you would like to make a contribution please contact: blake.bodwell@umit.maine.edu