2016 – Various – Wave Tank to Flume Conversion – Team 5

Wave tank In Crosby Lab

About this project:

We were tasked by the University of Maine to upgrade the Moors Lab wave tank to include a removable water flume. Our preliminary design features a low pressure water flume, consisting of a submerged adjustable floor, a shaft driven dual propeller system, and a 7-1/2 horsepower motor. By expanding the capabilities of the wave tank, this will allow for a broader spectrum of research and testing to be conducted at Moors Lab.


5/6/2016 – We would like to say thank you to everyone that has helped us and provided guidance for us along this project, also we would like to thank you everyone who has followed are project from the beginning.  Below is a picture of all of us in front of the tank, the floor is installed in this picture.

5/5/2016 – On 5/2 we did all the painting on the floor and cleaned up the lab to get it ready for the presentation. On 5/3 we were able to get the floor into the tank, drill the reaming holes into the “C” channel, assemble the whole thing. The floored flexed a little in the tank, but this should be stopped once the air bladders are attached to the side of the floor.  We presented the project on 5/4 and everything went well.

4/29/2016 – We received the fiberglass resin and epoxy this week, we did one side Thursday afternoon and the other Friday afternoon. When we left Friday, the only things that we had left to do were to paint the floor, and to mount it in the tank. We also drained the tank down to a level where we could work this week.

4/22/2016 – This week we finished up the hangers that will be holding the floor. Then we brought the “C” channel over to the lab to test run how it would fit. After drilling the holes, we applied a coat of paint to them. We are waiting on the epoxy resin and harder to arrive so we can finish the floor sections. We have been looking at the drive system and have a way to mount the motor with a 20:1 gearbox reducer and a propeller shroud which will be supported with hangers and bearings. Check out the photo gallery below to see some of the pictures of our progress.

4/15/2016 – Worked on constructing the hangers that are going to support the frame, these are made of a “spacer”, a “L” bracket, and a piece of “C” channel that will be used to adjust the height. Then we met over in Crosby Lab and discussed the foam for the frame and also the fiber glassing of the frames. Next week we should be starting to assemble the mounting plates and hopefully some fiber glassing.

4/7/2016 – This week we made the last floor frame, cut up the “C” channel to length, and make the height adjustments. After cutting the “C” channel to length we worked on a milling machine to make precise holes for the height adjustments.

3/31/2016 – Continuing construction of the hangers for the floor, also had more steel delivered so we can start construction of the supports outside the tank.

3/24/2016 – After constructing two of the three floor frames, this week we started to work on the hangers that hold the floor. We are also working on creating drafts of the power train design. Keep checking the photo gallery below for pictures of our progress.

3/3/2016 – This week we worked on our report, the drive train design, and started construction of the sub floor. We spent a good part of the day 2/1/2016 fabricating. The pictures of the progress can be seen in the link to the photo gallery below.

2/23/2016 – Double checked some measurements on the wave tank to get ready to start constructing the floor. Also the team separated into two groups, one to build and the other to keep designing the drive system.

2/18/2016 – Met with the client to review the floor design, got approved to proceed to the building stage.

2/11/2016 – Made changes to the floor design to prepare for the meeting with the client.

1/28/2016 – Started to work on a list of materials that would be needed to build the sub floor, as well as a presentation that would allow us to show our ideas to the client for finalizing.

11/24/2015 – Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

11/19/2015 – Sub-Floor design is nearing finalization.

12/1/2015 – We have completed the first round of drafts for the Sub-Floor, and we are starting to look into the shaft work that will be needed in order to drive the propellers.

12/8/2015 – We have some ideas for the drive system that will be needed to run the props, also we are working on the final Interim Report for this semester.

Photos and Drafts:

To see the photos of our project, please go to our photo gallery.

Here is the link to the floor design drafts.

Team Members:

Miles Smith – “I am a Mechanical Engineering Technology student who grow up in Clinton, Maine. I am a brother in Sigma Phi Epsilon where I hold the position of Vice President of Member Development and serve on the Standards Board as the Ritual Guard. Outside of Sigma Phi Epsilon I am a member of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Command on campus and I am currently the Commanding Officer of the unit where I am responsible for training and leading thirteen students aspiring to be officers in the US Navy. Before CO I held the positions of Division Officer and Command Fitness Leader. I will commission this year as an Ensign in the US Navy and attend Nuclear Power School before deploying to a submarine.”

Sam Kent – “I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering Technology with an interest in motorcycles and motorcycle design. I look forward to applying the skills I have learned in this program to my future endeavors.”

Mohammad Halawani – “I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a former operator for Saudi ARAMCO Oil Company. I can speak Arabic and English fluently, but am still a beginner in Spanish. I am a big fan of both Art and Physics and enjoy combining them both by writing music and designing.”

Anthony Breton – “I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering Technology, also I am going for a minor in Electrical Engineering Technology. I enjoy designing and would be thrilled to find a job that would deal with prototyping in the future.”

Contact Us

Miles Smith – miles.smith@maine.edu

Sam Kent – samuel.kent@maine.edu

Mohammad Halawani – mohammad.halawani@maine.edu

Anthony Breton – anthony.breton@maine.edu