Qian Xue, Ph.D.     Qian Xue faculty photo

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

The University of Maine
5711 Boardman Hall, Room 213
Orono, ME  04469-5711
(207) 581-2107; qian.xue@maine.edu

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, 2012

External Engagements:

  • Graduate Internship, GE Research Headquarter, 2010

Teaching Areas: (More Information)

Statics; Fluid Mechanics; Thermodynamics I

Research Areas: (Complex Flow Modeling and Simulation Lab)

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Fluid-Structure-Acoustics Interaction
  • Numerical Methods
  • Voice Production Mechanism and Voice Control
  • Biological Locomotion

Principal Sponsors:

  • NIH

Select Research / Collaboration Activities:

  • Numerical investigation of effects of inner anatomical structure and material property of vocal fold on phonation, NIH
  • Numerical investigation of myoelastic-aerodynamic mechanisms of vocalization in birds
  • The relationship between vortices, acoustics and vibration in vocal fold asymmetry, NIH
  • Initial focusing for microfluidic cell sorting/counting
  • Sound generation and radiation by biological locomotion

Select Publications / Presentations: (*Student, **Postdoc)

  • Geng, B.*, Xue, Q. and Zheng, X. (2016). “The effect of vocal fold vertical stiffness variation on voice production,” Acoust. Soc. Am. 140(4), 2856-2866.
  • Xue, Q., Zheng, X., Mittal, R. and Bielamowicz, S. (2014) “Subject-Specific Computational Modeling of Human Phonation,” Acoust. Soc. Am. 135(2), 1445-1456.
  • Xue, Q., Zheng, X., Mittal, R., and Bielamowicz, S. (2011) “Sensitivity of Vocal-Fold Vibratory Modes to their Three-Layer Structure: Implication for Simulation Based Phonosurgical Planning,” Acoust. Soc. Am. 130(2), 965-976.
  • Xue, Q., Mittal, R., Zheng, X. and Bielamowicz, S. (2010), “A Computational Study of the Effect of Vocal-fold Asymmetry on Phonation,” Acoust. Soc. Am. 128(2), 818-827.
  • Xue, Q., Zheng, X., and Geng, B.* “New insights into insect’s silent flight. Part II: sound source and noise control,” APS DFD 69th Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon, 2016.

Professional Activities / Memberships: