Web advisory group

The UMaine Web Advisory Group (UMWAG) exists to communicate and collaborate on strategies for UMaine’s public-facing website (web presence), informing recommended priorities and policies undertaken by Digital Communications.

UMWAG scope:
The scope of UMWAG discussions cover all web-specific aspects of UMaine’s public relations and marketing strategy and implementation.

  • Fosters communication among stakeholders of UMaine’s web presence
  • Provides a forum for stakeholders to share experience and expertise
  • Informs Digital Communications priorities
  • Recommends policies to Digital Communications for adoption into UMaine Web Standards

Meetings and membership
UMWAG schedules regular meetings for briefings on new initiatives, updates of ongoing web projects, and discussion of web issues and problems as they relate to templates, branding, WordPress CMS, or other Digital Communications functions.

The membership consists of UMaine groups (initially administrative departments, USIT, Division of Marketing and Communications) with interest in the achievement of strategic goals related to the university web presence. Departments who have staff tasked with the upkeep of their public website content  (via defined position description) may request membership in UMWAG and designate a representative; the request must be approved by a majority of the existing UMWAG members. UMWAG will maintain a list of member groups and the members’ representatives on its website. Member groups may designate new representatives via email to Digital Communications.