Yong Chen

ChenEducation:  Ph.D. in Zoology and Statistics, 1995, University of Toronto

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Email Address:  ychen@maine.edu

Phone:  207.581.4303

Location:  218 Libby Hall

Mailing Address:  218 Libby Hall, University of Maine,  Orono, ME  04469-5741

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Research Area:  

I am a fisheries scientist who is interested in fisheries ecology and assessment and management of fisheries resources of commercial and recreational importance.



My study is focused on quantitative fisheries ecology, stock assessment and management. I study how fishing and environmental factors may affect the dynamics of fish populations and fish communities and develop new approaches to modeling the dynamics of fish populations and conducting stock assessment. My current research interests include: evaluating fish life history and environmental impcats;  developing stock assessment framework for invertebrate (e.g., American lobster, sea urhcin, sea cucumber, crabs, etc.) and finfish (groundfish and pelagic fish) species of commercial importance in Maine and otehr parts of the world; fisheries ecosystem modeling;  designing fisheries-dependent and fisheries-independent survey programs; conducting risk analysis of alternative management strategies; studying quality and quantity of fisheries data and their impacts on stock assessment; developing Bayesian stock assessment approach robust to outliers and erroneous priors; and assimilating fisheries data of different sources in stock assessment. Much of my work has been interdisciplinary, involving fisheries biology, ecology, mathematical and statistical modeling, management policy and computer simulations.


Publications:  https://www.umaine.edu/chenlab/