Rhian Waller

WallerEducation:  Ph.D. Southampton Oceanography Center, UK, 2004

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Email Address: rhian.waller@maine.edu

Phone:  207.563.8310

Location:  Darling Marine Center

Mailing Address:  Darling Marine Center, 193 Clarks Cove Road, Walpole, ME  04573

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Research Area:

My research interests center on the reproduction and development of cold-water and deep-sea invertebrates from around the globe, and how these animals are affected by both natural and anthropogenic environmental change. My laboratory has projects from the Arctic to the Antarctic and many places in between. Though we primarily use microscopy techniques (histology, SEM and TEM) we also use geographic databases and genetic techniques to examine biogeographic patterns of species dispersal and make hypotheses on larval transport mechanisms. I welcome requests from undergraduates seeking laboratory experience, as well as students thinking about graduate school.              


Current projects include:-

  • Biogeography of cold-water corals across the Drake Passage, Antarctica
  • Alaskan Red Tree coral reproduction
  • Reproduction of Antarctic deep-water cnidarians
  • Cold water coral habitats in the Gulf of Maine
  • Reproduction of deep-sea corals from the US West Coast Marine Sanctuarys