Aaron Strong


Ph.D. Environment and Resources, Stanford University, 2016

M.A., Climate Change Policy, Tufts University, 2011

B.A., Political Science and Biology, Swarthmore College, 2006

Email Address:  aaron.strong@maine.edu

Phone: 207-581-4336

Location:  227A Libby Hall

Mailing Address:  5741 Libby Hall Rm 214, Orono, ME  04469-5741

Research Interests:

coastal and marine policy • international ocean policy • climate change policy • coastal pollution policy • marine conservation policy • social-ecological systems • sustainability science • community sustainability • institutions • ecosystem services • coastal zone management • ocean acidification, water quality • marine climate change • estuarine biogeochemistry • community-engaged learning • environmental education • sustainability pedagogy

Broadly, I am interested in understanding the governance of ecosystem services — the market and non-market values that human beings derive from functioning ecosystems. My research is particularly focused on understanding the development of emergent environmental governance institutions and approaches for managing problems of carbon and nitrogen cycling in coastal ecosystems: climate change, ocean acidification, and problems of water quality and pollution. In my work, I focus across scales, studying international organizational approaches, federal and state agency-practices, and local community sustainability initiatives. Currently, I have projects focused on (1) state-level ocean acidification management in Maine, (2) coastal blue carbon accounting and institutional incorporation into conservation practice, (3) perceptions, indicators and definitions of sustainability in coastal algal (seaweed) harvesting and aquaculture, (4) the use of the coastal ecosystem services framework in federal decision-making, and (5) the institutional interaction of international ocean governance and global climate change policy regimes. I am also interested in the study of effective sustainability pedagogy and curriculum development

Trained in an interdisciplinary manner, my research adopts a mixed methods approach, combining quantitative, indicator-based policy analysis that relies heavily on biogeochemical monitoring data, with qualitative in-depth semi-structured interview-based data collection and participant observation approaches in addressing questions at the nexus of sustainability science and marine policy.  I firmly believe in a sustainability science approach to studying environmental problems.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in discussing any practical, policy or theoretical questions around coastal management, sustainability, carbon accounting or if you are interested in learning more about any of my current research projects.