This degree is both about my writing and the teaching of writing?

That’s right. The program is in education and focuses on your writing as a foundation to your teaching of writing.

How long will it take to complete the program?

By offering a combination of online courses in the academic year with on-campus institutes and seminars during the summer, most participants will be able to complete this advanced degree in about three years; some may complete the program earlier, depending on course-load and transfer credits.

What happens if I can’t take a course one semester?

We all know that “life happens.” If you miss a semester of study, you’ll work with your advisor to revise your plan. Please don’t worry: we’re all about your needs.

May I take a class on campus during the school year if I want? How does that work with this master’s degree?

Yes! You’ll design your program of study with your advisor. You may wish to have a face-to-face class at the Orono campus. Or, with the help of your advisor, you may wish to select a graduate class at another campus of the University of Maine System.

I have taken the National Writing Project’s summer institute for six credits already… are there other options for me?

Yes! You should first know that if you haven’t used these six credits for another degree, they would fit into this program. Second, since you’re already a teacher-consultant of the National Writing Project, you may want to take the MWP Summer Institute mentoring course and advise MWP Fellows. The mentoring course is a prerequisite to other leadership positions in MWP.

What’s a seminar?

Good question! It’s a smaller, more individualized class.

How & when do I apply?

We love hearing those words! UMaine has online admissions. Go to the University of Maine Graduate School. All the basic information (e.g., online application, tuition costs) is in the left-hand margin of the website. The entrance test for the master’s is the Millers Analogies Test and the CAS has no entrance exam. Our Graduate Programs in Writing and the Teaching of Writing are open enrollment. Please apply at any time!

What if I have more questions?

Email Rich Kent with questions or to set up a time to chat via phone or Skype. You may also drop him a note via the postal service to Professor Rich Kent c/o Maine Writing Project, 317 Shibles Hall, Orono ME 04 469-5766.