2012 National Day on Writing

We celebrated the National Day on Writing here at MWP!  Last year on the National Day on Writing, the National Writing Project asked people to talk about “Why I Write” and many folks shared their thoughts on blogs and through social media.  This year, the topic is “What I Write.”

You can learn more about this National Day here on the NWP website.

So, what do we write?

We write all day.  We write emails, blog comments, grocery lists, and to-do lists.  We write love notes, thank you notes, apology notes, and notes in our kids’ lunchboxes.  We write essays, novels, funny stories, journal entries, and poems.

In classrooms, we write notes to students, notes on the board, homework assignments, and directions for activities.  Whether we like it or not, our students are writing under their desks and in their pockets, even while we are teaching about writing.  Text messages, status updates, and comments about what their friends are writing.

Rich Kent, Director of the Maine Writing Project, writes  emails, Facebook posts, marginal notes in books/articles, articles, oh, and…books.

Ken Martin, Associate Director of the Maine Writing Project, writes  emails answering student questions, entries in online class discussion Forums, notes and goals on my golf scorecard, margin notes in just about everything I read, letters to the editor (not always submitted!)

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Happy National Day on Writing!