Calling All TCs!

MWP is on Facebook!

In case you missed it, MWP has a facebook page where you can now connect with all of your fellow teacher-consultants and MWP friends.  If you haven’t already, please “like” the Maine Writing project Facebook page so you will remain in the loop about the happenings of MWP.  Do you have photos of your MWP institute or other gatherings?  Please feel free to share on the facebook page.

New Website Features!

Teacher-consultant from MWP 2012, Emilie Manhart, is now also working as the Editor of this website.  Stay tuned for some new regular posts, including a new “TC Spotlight” feature which will showcase the many talents and creative ideas of all of the amazing teacher-consultants around the state.  These features will focus on either the writing or awesome teaching practices already happening in classrooms across Maine.

So, TCs, here is where we need YOU:

TCs who are Writing:  Have you recently been published?  Been involved in a writing project?  Have a blog you’d like to introduce? Have a poem you want to share?  Working on a book?  If so, please email Emilie and you may be the next writer in the TC Spotlight.

TCs who are Teaching Writing:  Do you have a great idea for the teaching of writing?  Have a cool concept or project that has worked with your classes?  Could you share your favorite writing activity so the rest of us can use it too?  Do you have any innovative approaches to incorporating the Common Core State Standards?  Give us a glimpse into your writing classroom and you will be the next writing teacher in the TC Spotlight.

Please email Emilie if you are willing to be highlighted either as a Writer or Writing Teacher.

Check back for updates!