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TEMP PLACEHOLDER - Resources for Teachers

Vision: improved science teacher recruitment, retention, and preparation at UMaine
improved teacher content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge

Ongoing professional development

  • Regional collaborative dinner meetings held approximately once a month to discuss elements of teaching and learning related to the curriculum during the academic year (These meetings will include pre- and in-service teachers, science and science education faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral research associates). Topic selection for these meetings will be guided by teacher suggestions based upon their experiences with the curriculum, and teachers will receive stipends to attend.) ;
  • Week-long Summer Academies focused on implementing the curriculum, which teachers will receive stipends to attend;
  • On-line community support, so that teachers can easily communicate with and receive help from others involved in the project, including teachers implementing the same curriculum at other schools.

In-class assistance with teaching and promoting learning

  • Availability of “teaching partners” to assist in the classroom when new parts of the curriculum are being implemented;
  • Mentors to assist teachers with new content or pedagogy;
  • Resource people, to handle purchasing, maintaining, and delivering equipment and supplies for new laboratories that are part of the curriculum. (These items will be purchased using grant funds); and

Stipends and support

  • Financial support to attend collaborative meetings.
  • Additional equipment bonus of $1000 for each teacher completing 2 summer academies and participating in collaboratives, to use to purchase items for classroom.