Elderberry Variety Trial: An Essential Step For a Specialty Crop in Maine

Locally grown elderberries are in demand by the specialty beverage industry, food entrepreneurs and herbalists. A 2015 study of Vermont’s market showed the current demand to be 25,000 pounds per year, and current production to be roughly 10,000 pounds. Hobby and commercial growers in Maine continue to ask Cooperative Extension for research in growing and […]

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weather station

Maine Agricultural Weather Center Evaluation of Interpolated Weather Data for use in Agricultural Management Decisions

In recent years, Maine blueberry growers have benefited greatly from weather-based estimates that inform critically important pest management decisions. However, the high cost to operate on-site weather stations to provide input for these estimates may not be sustainable. Since 1997, the Maine apple industry has used farm-specific weather values based on interpolation between measurements at […]

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