Botany and Plant Biology

Following is a list of publications on plant-related research that are available from the Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station. Some publications are also available in an electronic format, which may be accessed by clicking on the publication number.


  • B849–Drought-tolerant small trees for Maine landscapes, by Manley (2003)
  • B810–Ectomycorrhizae of Maine. 3. A listing of Hygrophorus with the associated hosts, by Homola, Czapowskyj, and Blum (1985)
  • B779–Ectomycorrhizae of Maine. 2 A listing of Lactarius with the associated hosts (with additional information on edibility), by Homola and Czapowskyj (1981)
  • B735–Ectomycorrhizae of Maine. A listing of Boletaceae with the associated hosts, by Homola and Mistretta (1977)

Technical Bulletins

  • TB175–A numerical method for supporting database for evaluation of Maine peatlands as candidate natural areas, by Davis and Anderson (1999)
  • TB170–The flora and plant communities of Maine peatlands, by Anderson and Davis (1998)
  • TB163–Insect predation of seeds and plant population dynamics, by Zhang, et al. (1997)
  • TB156–Woody landscape plant cold-hardiness ratings, by Cappiello and Littlefield (1994)
  • TB146–The eccentric bogs of Maine: A rare wetland type in the United States, by Davis and Anderson (1991)
  • TB143–Reproductive phenologies of selected flowering plants in eastern Maine forests, by Hansen, Hansen, and Osgood (1991)
  • TB136–Methodology development for study of root influences on nitrogen mineralization, by Erich (1989)
  • TB099–Flora of Oxford County, Maine, by Campbell and Eastman (1980)
  • TB097–Evapotranspiration from vegetative surfaces in Maine, by Goltz (1980)
  • TB071–Fiber analysis and distribution in the leaves, juvenile stems and roots of ten Maine trees and shrubs, by Hyland (1974)
  • TB030–A critical evaluation of results from spectrographic analysis of plant tissue, by Carpenter, et al. (1968)
  • TB013–The use of aerial photographs in studies of marsh vegetation, by Olson (1964)

Miscellaneous Publications

  • MP720–Index of plant diseases in Maine, by Murdoch et al. (1993)

Miscellaneous Reports

  • MR441–An evaluation of turfgrass species and varieties: Kentucky bluegrasses, by Langille (2007)
  • MR439–An evaluation of turfgrass species and varieties: Fineleaf fescues, by Langille (2006)
  • MR437–An evaluation of turfgrass species and varieties: The bentgrasses, by Pennucci and Langille (2005)
  • MR433–Malting quality of Maine-grown barley, by Surjawan, et al. (2004)
  • MR416–An evaluation of turfgrass species and varieties: Perennial ryegrass, by Langille and Pennucci (2000)
  • MR413–An evaluation of turfgrass species and varieties: Fineleaf fescue, by Pennucci and Langille (1999)