Epidemiology and management of potato diseases

Potato production plays an important role in the state of Maine and significantly contributes to the economy of the United States. Studies are urgently needed to address the management of both airborne and soilborne diseases in potato. This project will involve studying the principle of disease development with changing environments and agricultural production, updating the most best practices and products for potato disease management. The results will help Maine potato growers to solve the immediate problems and long-term strategies in disease management, and also provide fundamental knowledge contributing the study of plant diseases. Applying non-chemical and biological methods will directly promote organic growers with additional tools. The results will be published in various journals and newsletter, and distributed to the stakeholders. During the research, undergraduate and graduate students will be trained in plant pathology and non-chemical disease management. The Principle Investigator of this proposal will team up with other colleagues and extend their connection nationwide, and develop strong competitive grant proposals to USDA-NIFA program and many other agencies.

Investigator: Hao, J.

Unit: School of Food and Agriculture

Termination Date: 30-Sep-19